Yale University is located in New Haven, Connecticut, a historic, small New England city about two hours north of New York. Over 13,000 students attend Yale University’s three component parts – Yale College (which is the undergraduate institution), the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and ten professional schools.

Today, most Americans probably think of Yale in terms of undergraduate experience. However, Yale University is also a highly esteemed research university, having produced Nobel laureates in economics, physics, chemistry, and medicine. Yale University is also home to several world-renowned art collections and libraries.

Yale University has a long tradition of public service, with faculty, officers, and alumni who have served (and continue to serve) in government, education, business, and non-profit ventures. Among its most famous alumni are five U.S. presidents: George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, and William Howard Taft. Other contemporary leaders in public life who graduated from Yale are John Kerry, George Pataki, and Hillary Clinton.

From an undergraduate’s point of view, one of the most striking aspects of the Yale experience is that it is a residential college, modeled on the Oxford and Cambridge systems. Incoming students are assigned to one of fourteen residential colleges, each of which houses about 450 students. Each college is housed in its own building, which contains dining and sports and recreation facilities as well as residential quarters and meeting rooms.

The Colleges are staffed by deans, masters, associated faculty, and fellows, and offer a rich variety of seminars, lectures, and social events. This makes for an atmosphere in which students with widely varying interests and backgrounds are constantly crossing paths, and gives all students an exceptional opportunity to expand their educational and social horizons during their time at Yale University.


Acceptance Rate

Yale acceptance rate

Academic Qualifications

Yale top 10% in high school

SAT Range (25 to 75 Percentile)

Yale University SAT score range

ACT Range (25 to 75 Percentile)

Yale ACT test score

Application Deadlines

Single Choice Early Action application deadline: November 1.
Applicants are notified by December 15.

Regular decision deadline: December 31.
Applicants are notified by April 1.

Transfer application deadline: March 1.
Applicants are notified by mid-May.

Admissions Criteria

Freshmen Admissions
Number of 2020 (Class of 2024) applicants: 35,220
Enrolled: 1,267
Yield: 69.2%
Acceptance rate: 6.5%

Early Action Admissions
Number of 2021 EA (Class of 2025) applicants: 7,939
Admitted: 837
EA acceptance rate: 10.5%

Transfer Admissions
Number of transfer applicants: 1,254
Admitted: 27
Transfer acceptance rate: 2.2%

Waitlist Admissions

Spots offered to Class of 2024 applicants: 1,290

Academic Qualifications
Average GPA: N/A
Top 10% of High School: 92%

Middle SAT Range (25 to 75 Percentile)
SAT Composite: 1470-1560
SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 720-770
SAT Math: 740-800

Middle ACT Range (25 to 75 Percentile)
ACT Composite: 33-35
ACT English: 35-36
ACT Math: 31-35

Standardized Test Requirements

Yale does not require the SAT/ACT SAT/ACT not required

Yale does not require the writing portion Writing portion not required

Yale does not require the SAT subject tests SAT Subject Tests not required

* Student-athletes must still take either the ACT or SAT in accordance with Ivy League recruitment requirements.

Score Card

Graduation Rates

Yale graduation rate

Loan Defaults and Rhodes Scholars

Yale score card

Salary After Attending

R&D Expenditures

Campus Safety

Score Card Information

Graduation Rates
4 years: 87.8%
5 years: 95.2%
6 years: 97.2%

Loan default rate: 1.0%

Total Rhodes Scholars: 255

Salary after attending: $83,200

R&D Expenditures: $990.4 million

Campus Safety
Sex offenses: 28
Robberies: 2
Aggravated assaults: 6
Burglaries: 36
Car thefts: 9

Financial Aid

Net Cost and Total Expected Cost of Attendance

Yale financial aid

Average Net Price By Income

Student Debt

Additional Information

Tuition, room and board (2020-2021): $74,900

Total estimated cost of attendance (2020-2021): $78,725

Net Cost
Average: $18,073

By income
$0 to $30,000: $2,125
$30,001 to $48,000: $1,647
$48,001 to $75,000: $2,167
$75,001 to $110,000: $11,492
$110,001 and more: $43,417

Graduates with student debt: 15%

Average student debt at graduation: $15,379

Student Body

Student Residence

Undergraduate Class Sizes

Yale undergraduate class sizes

Student to Faculty Ratio

Yale college student to faculty ratio

Student Population

Additional Information

Student to Faculty Ratio: 6 to 1

Women: 50%

Undergraduate Class Sizes
Under 20: 72%
20 to 39: 16%
40 to 99: 8%
100+: 4%

Student Population
Total: 13,609
Undergraduate: 6,092

Student Residence
In State: 8%
Out of State: 80%
International: 12%

Yale University student population

Yale University seal

Yale University

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