cal tech

Cal Tech had the lowest student-to-faculty ratio (2.7).

Many students searching for the right college may be drawn to the prestige of attending one of the top colleges. Although there are many benefits to choosing a renowned research university, there are just as many factors to consider for selecting a top liberal arts college. Students should devote much thought to the aspects of their education that are important to them. Factors like the size of the undergraduate population, the level of extracurricular involvement, and the student-to-faculty ratio might all influence one’s comfort at a specific institution. Students are far more likely to benefit from finding the right fit rather than just trying to mold themselves to the top colleges.

There are many apparent advantages to attending a prestigious school. Besides having the special status of a degree from one of the top colleges on their resume, students have the opportunity to study alongside some of the best minds in the country. The competitiveness of these schools guarantees that students end up in the same courses with driven, ambitious classmates. Because of the stature of top schools, students can often receive exciting internships and job opportunities after they graduate. They also have exclusive alumni networks that can help open doors. If students do well in their undergraduate classes, a well-known school can also aid their entry into respected graduate schools.

harvard university

Harvard has the most Rhodes Scholars (379).

Despite the benefits of attending top colleges, there are many advantages to going to a lower-ranking college. The most esteemed schools often come with very steep tuition rates. For students who are unable to secure significant scholarships, most are looking at a long time to pay off student loans. Attending a top-ranked college does not automatically mean earning a higher salary after graduation. For those students who do not secure generous financial aid packages and are interested in careers with average salaries, the cost of attending a top school is not a prudent decision. Students interested in meaningful connections with professors might also have a more difficult time at a high-status school since more senior faculty often have less time for undergraduates who aren’t yet involved in research or publishing.

Overall, students who spend the time to find the school that will best meet their needs are far more likely to have a fulfilling, successful undergraduate experience. Individuals who are more focused on the prestige of a university often become hung up on the name of the school rather than whether they would be truly happy in a particular school’s environment. Although the nation’s top colleges have much to offer, students who attend other colleges may have just as much of an opportunity for a meaningful, productive four years.